Smoke & Cameo Persian Breeders

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Last updated on Feb 27, 2005

Palmetto Cattery(CFA): E-mail Patricia Lichtenberg at
The Wonderful World of the Smoke Persian.

Lebordo Cattery (CFA): E-mail Linda & Paul Russell at

Planika Persians (CFA & FIFe) Email Alenka Unk:

Petovia (CFA) OD Petovie (FIFe) E-mail Branka & Rastko Hafner at

Cattery By Fate (FIFe) E-mail Lenette & Jacob Nielsen at

Joleigh Persians (CFA) E-mail Sue Bloomquist at

Hyms N Perrs Smoke & Dilute Persians - E-mail TaraLynn McKeigan at

Dream of Glory (FIFe) E-mail Anschi at

S*Sequoyahs (FIFe)- E-mail: Marie Thiers at

Krystalpaw Persians -"Specializing in dilute smoke, shaded and solid Persians bred from pedigrees that are Pure Persian, no himmy or exotics in any of our lines" E-mail Beverley Abramson at

Cattery "De Trajani's" (CFA) Netherlands- E-mail

Alvaret's Persian Cattery, Sweden E-mail:

L'Exquisite Pretoria, South Africa- E-mail:

De-La-Deano Johannesburg,RSA-  E-mail: Dr Dean Oliver at

Ugeniuspurs Cattery SILVERS, GOLDENS & SMOKES E-mail: Eugenia Dishmon at

Bodego Bay Cattery Kauai, Hawaii - E-mail: Bobb Revels at or Phone:(808) 332-0830

Spookipawz UK - E-mail: Clare Willoughby at

Pannonius Persians UK - smoke and cameo Persians- E-mail:

Deebows Persians (CFA) - E-mail Debbie Bruner at

Gepurz Persians (CFA - CCA) - E-mail Joan Gee at

Devito Persians Solids & Smokes Belgium - E-mail Nancy Delaere at

Fluffygrape Persians Silvers, Silver Tabby and Smokes - E-mail Jan Meulesteen at

Countrygirl Persians E-mail Karen Nursey at

Siriuksen Persians (FIFe) E-mail Satu Hämäläinen at

DE LANLEYA French breeders specialize in Cameos, silvers and smokes E-mail Isabelle et Jean-pierre Cabon at

Cozy Cats Persians (TICA & CFA) E-mail Lorna Swanson at

Arrow Lakes Persians E-mail Joyce Maloff at

Lovely Cat French breeders specializing in Cameos, Silver Tabbys and Smoke Persians E-mail Peggy & Alexandre Placidi at

Pele-Mele Cats (CFA - CFO) German breeder specializing in solids, bicolor, Van, smoke and silver with tabby & white E-mail Marion Juuls at

KRITTRKORNER Persians, Colorado (CFA, TICA, ACFA, and CCA) specializing in tipped persian color patterns: cameos, shells, silvers, smokes, including bi-colors and calicos E-mail Judith Kinsel at

DAREEBA PERSIANS, Wales UK. Cameo persian breeder. E-mail David Conroy at DAREEBAPERSIANS@AOL.COM

Sunlit Persians (CFA) Breeding for show quality cameos, smokes and shaded torties. PKD negative cattery. E-mail Karen Greenman at

TTCAZ Persians & Exotic Shorthairs (CFA) Breeder of show quality Persians & Exotic Shorthairs. Specialing in smokes, tabbies & bicolors. E-mail Augie Figuerres at

Avomlie Persians Breeder of smoke Persians in the Uk, also specialising in selfs, bicolours and chocolate series. Email Tom & Julie Sapak at:

CHESPAWZ PERSIANS & EXOTICS English breeder specialising in smokes,cameos, bi & tri colour and now bi & tri colour smokes in persians & exotics. E-mail Joan Brady at

POUNCING PAWS CATTERY In Canada breeding Persians, Himalayans and recently started to breed Smokes. E-mail Christine Cadieux at

DELTA PELEGRINO (FIFe and CFA) Persian Cattery located in Opuzen, Croatia. Specializing in Smoke and Solids Persians. All cats test negative for FeLV, FIV and PKD. E-mail:

Are you a Persian breeder of smokes and/or cameos? If so E-Mail us a link to your Webpage or E-mail address, with your name and cattery name and we will add it to our list of smoke breeders.

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